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2950x vs 9900K vs 7820x vs for video editing 4k ?


Oct 1, 2018
9900k is the fastest but supports only 64gb ram,
2950x is the strongest in the still quite reasonable price range, but the editing software world is not programmed well enough to utilize its power.
7820x is a little slower and older than 9900k but supports 128gb ram and more lanes.

I do mostly premiere, after effects, avid media composer,
but also resolve, fcpx, c4d and some blender.
what should I choose for my next CPU?

p.s. the rest of the pc will be based on powerful parts like ssd's, 64gb-128gb ram and so, and probably 1080ti (p4000 will be better for 3d but most of my work is all-around)

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