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How good is Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus for android?


Oct 8, 2018
I thinking if there is a need to get a good antivirus for my Galaxy S8+ in the first place. Then I wanted to know some good options, I have been using Bitdefender on my PC for some years now and it has served me well enough. So how is Bitdefender for android?

I have been using Bitdefender on my PC and mobile for nearly a year now, on the PC side I feel that Bitdefender is excellent but it's hard to comment on Bitdefender Mobile Security. Mainly because I haven't used any other security solution on my mobile other than Bitdefender Mobile Security. Some of my friends use Kaspersky Anitivuris on their android device and they kinda like it (It is to be noted that they haven't tried Bitdefender Mobile Security also). Unlike windows android is much secure I must say. After using it for nearly a year I have only found one threat on my phone, maybe that was only the one got into my phone or there may be more that might have slipped through.

One day a sketchy looking app (.apk file) came in one of my Whatsapp group, I would have opened it anyway because it looked sketchy but because I was connected to my home wifi and auto-download was turned on it got downloaded to my phone, but Bitdefender Mobile Security notified me that a malicious app has been found and need to be deleted and I had manually click on a delete button to get rid of it. That was the only threat it found.

If I have to say some positive things, then:

  • It is light on resources
  • Has anti-theft features
  • Snaps photos of possible intruders who try to unlock your apps
  • Has a nicely designed website where you can manage everything like see the snapped pics, locate the device, sound an alarm, initiate a scan, etc...
However, there are a few negatives:
  • The sound alarm feature in the antitheft section doest seems to work sometimes when I tested it.
  • The app is paid and it still only offer 200MB VPN data per day whereas the competitors of Bitdefender Mobile Security provide that amount of data in there free plans
If you are looking to get an antivirus for your mobile then Bitdefender Mobile Security is a good choice, you can also consider Kaspersky antivirus.