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Solved How to record 4K 60FPS video on Redmi Note 7 Pro?


Active Member
Jan 19, 2017
The OnePlus 7pro is capable of 4K at 60Fps and the Redmi Note 7 Pro also has the same 48MP sensor. So is it possible to record 4k videos at 60fps in Redmi Note 7 Pro?

The camera sensor (IMX 586) on Redmi Note 7 Pro supports 4K@60Fps but the SOC which is the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 675 only supports up to 4K@30Fps. Below are the camera capabilities on a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 675 SOC.

Image Signal Processor: Qualcomm Spectra™ 250L image signal processor, 2x Image Signal Processor (ISP), 14-bit

Dual Camera, MFNR, ZSL, 30fps: Up to 16 MP

Single Camera, MFNR, ZSL, 30fps: Up to 25 MP

Single Camera, MFNR: Up to 48 MP

Single Camera: Up to 192 MP

Slow Motion Video Capture: 720p @ 240 FPS, 1080p @ 120 FPS

Video Capture Formats: HEVC

Camera Features: Accelerated Electronic Image Stabilization

Video Capture (30 FPS): 4K Ultra HD video capture

More on Snapdragon 675 Mobile Platform | Qualcomm

So it is clear that you can shoot at 4K at 60Fps however maybe with a custom ROM and mods you can do I20Fps High Frame Rate video.


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