Question Low-end new phone or high-end low phone?


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As the subject is self-explanatory, I am looking for suggestions regarding getting a different phone as samsung note 3 is too old so I am confused which sort of phone I should go for?
I am not trying to fire the android vs ios debate. Just looking for a suggestion.
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The Note 3 is too old that it can be trashed by any latest budget smartphones. A bit older phones with snapdragon 800 series CPU is still more capable than latest 600 or 700 series CPU phones.


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I personally had bought the Samsung Galaxy a51, what you buy obviously depends on what you want to use it for. Samsung galaxy a51 has a lot of storage space, good cameras and a modern design and is therefore great for taking pictures, listening to music, checking websites and light gaming. However, if you want a bigger screen and a phone that is better for gaming I would buy the Samsung galaxy a71 as it has more ram.
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