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OnePlus 3 camera quality reduced after update

My OnePlus 3's camera quality was hugely reduced after first Minor update. Any solution?
Aromal, as I am op3t developer, I have to say that op3 and op3t have been merged into a single device, by lineage.

You have to wait as now one plus is following sources of lineage and oneplus is not willing to share their proprietary camera libraries to open source community. If they gave we could do better. But as we don't have the camera lib source. We are doing trial and error method to make the ultimate device tree.

If op is continuing to follow lineage. When lineages sources are better, op's updates will be better.

Camera apps to try
1) Footej Footej Camera - Android Apps on Google Play
2) Open Camera
Open Camera - Android Apps on Google Play

**Most of these apps are not as good as one plus camera because of proprietary libs**

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