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Pendrive not detected


Jun 1, 2018
My pendrive is not detected by the system. I was copying a movie file to the pendrive and at the same time tried to delete two files from the drive. The deletion task was on pending and after the copying was done, I got an error message and i clicked "skip" ( My bad i didnt read what was the error :expressionless:). After that the window was closed and from there my pendrive isnt recognised by the system.

I plugged it into a different computer and the result was same. Is there any way to make it usable again?

No, there is not any way to make your pen drive usable. I also have a problem with my pen drive I do many efforts by changing raw to compatible or by plugged into different computers but I can't get any result.
It's possible that your pen drive is in RAW format if it's identified but won't open. To utilize it, you must convert it to a compatible file system. Right-click the 'Start' icon, type 'Computer Management,' and then click it. Determine your drive device by going to 'Disk Management.