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Difference between Linux Mint Fedora and Ubuntu.


Dec 21, 2021
  • Fedora and Mint differ from Ubuntu in that they are both community-based projects, while Ubuntu is developed by a company (Canonical).
  • Ubuntu and Mint differ from Fedora in that they are Debian-based: their package manager is APT and their packages follow the DEB (Debian) package format. Fedora is RedHat-based, its package manager is DNF (formerly YUM) and its packages follow the RPM (RedHat Package Manager) package format.
  • They all differ in the default Desktop Environment: MATE or Cinnamon for Mint, Unity for Ubuntu, and Gnome for Fedora. But all of these environments (and others) can be installed on any of them.
  • The oldest is Fedora (released 2003), followed by Ubuntu (released 2004), then Mint (released 2006).
  • Their philosophies differ: Ubuntu’s philosophy is to provide a user-friendly OS. Mint’s philosophy is to provide a more “sight” or “elegant” OS. Fedora’s philosophy is to provide a rolling (or continuously developing) release.

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Jul 20, 2022
Linux Mint distribution is a community-based system. Whereas, Fedora distribution is a community-based system supported by RHEL. And Ubuntu distribution is a company-based system distributed by Canonical LTD.



Nov 25, 2022
Something that plays more now is Snap vs Flatpak.
Mint and Fedora support Flatpak.
And Ubuntu is behind Snap.
I would say that Ubuntu is currently one of the worst Linux systems for several reasons.

The open source systems that in my experience are currently the most qualitative:

Nobara Project, Void Linux, Mint, Artix Linux, MX Linux, NetBSD, Devuan, NixOS, FreeBSD and Clear Linux